It’s time for a new K-Indie Chart and Beenzino finally is not in the top 10! I’m just kidding, Zino, you know I love you… But it’s true that you came down some places.

Singer Leetzsche marks a good comeback remaining in the first place, Juuno -composer and music producer of Casker (캐스커)– debuts on the chart and top 10 with his first solo album, electronic-rock duo From The Airport scale to the top 5, and rock-pop trio BRICK takes the 7th place with his repackage album.

Besides Juuno and BRICKS, this time the new updates to the chart are: new albums from rock band Hollow Jan, rapper Swings, female pop trio LE_MeryMos and 황보령 (Whang Bo Ryung) -of SMACKSOFT-; Idiotape 1st album and singer Lee Gun Il debut EP.

The most popular albums are:

  1. Leetzsche (Lee Sang Eun / 이상은) – lulu
  2. Urban Zakapa (어반자카파) – 03
  3. Juuno (캐스커) – Shift
  4. J Rabbit (제이 레빗) – Looking Around
  5. From The Airport (프롬 디 에어포트) – Chemical Love
  6. Jaurim (자우림) – Goodbye, grief.
  7. Jung Joon Il (정준일) – 보고싶었어요
  9. DICKPUNKS (딕펑스) – 찍지말고뛰어 2013 LIVE CONCERT
  10. Rose Motel (장미여관) – 산전수전 공중전

New on the chart:

  • 03. Juuno (캐스커) – Shift
  • 12. Hollow Jan (할로우 잰) – Day Off
  • 13. Swings (스윙스) – 감정기복 II Part. 1 : 주요 우울증 (Major Depression)
  • 15. Idiotape (이디오테잎) – 11111101
  • 28. 르 메리무스 (LE_MeryMos) – 언제부턴가
  • 35. 황보령 (Whang Bo Ryung) – 마치 아무 일도 없었던 것처럼 (As if nothing ever happened)
  • 49. Lee Gun Il (이건일) – OverStation

And top 10 songs:

  1. Leetzsche (Lee Sang Eun / 이상은) – 태양은 가득히
  2. Urban Zakapa (어반자카파) – 코끝에 겨울 (When Winter Comes) [MV]
  3. Juuno (캐스커) – Poly Evil (Feat. Zitten)
  4. J Rabbit (제이 레빗) – 알고있을까? [MV]
  5. From The Airport (프롬 디 에어포트) – Chemical Love [MV]
  6. Jaurim (자우림) – 스물 다섯, 스물 하나 [MV]
  7. Jung Joon Il (정준일) – 고백 (Confession) [MV]
  8. BRICK (브릭) – Puzzle [MV]
  9. DICKPUNKS (딕펑스) – 아! 始發 꿈 (꿈으로의 첫 출발) (Studio Version) [Live]
  10. Rose Motel (장미여관) – 오래된 연인 [MV]

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