It has been a difficult week for South Korea and, unfortunately, it seems that there will be more of these days. Waiting for the situation to improve, we present the new K-Indie Chart.

Singer Kyo is now positioned in the first place, acoustic duo Lalasweet is second with new album and hip hop is back to the chart with rapper Huckleberry P. We can also see the compilation album ‘믿거나말거나’ -with artists such as 아마도이자람밴드 (Amado LeeJaram Band), 불나방 스타 쏘세지 클럽, 눈뜨고 코베인, 술탄 오브 더 디스코 (Sultan Of The Disco), 씨 없는 수박 김대중, 김간지 X 하헌진 (kimganji X haheonjin), 전기성, 코스모스 사운드, 레스카(Reska) and아침 (Achime)- and hard rock band Harry Big Button new material in the top 10.

Other new updates to the chart are: new releases form electronic bands Hologram Film and LudiSTELO and female singer leeSA, legendary modern rock band My Aunt Mary with their 4th album and acoustic trio Ibadi 1st album.

The top 10 albums are:

  1. 이규호 (Lee Gyu Ho / Kyo) – SpadeOne
  2. LalaSweet (랄라스윗) – 너의세계
  3. Huckleberry P (허클베리피) – gOld
  4. Zitten (짙은) – diaspora : 흩어진사람들
  5. Monni (몽니) – FOLLOW MY VOICE
  6. 10cm (십센치) – 2.0
  7. Various Artists – 믿거나말거나
  8. 3호선버터플라이 (3rd Line Butterfly) – DREAMTALK
  9. The Electric Eels (전기뱀장어) – 최고의연애
  10. Harry Big Button (해리빅버튼) – Perfect Storm

New on the chart:

  • 02. 랄라스윗 (LalaSweet) – 너의세계
  • 03. Huckleberry P (허클베리 피) – gOld
  • 07. Various Artists – 믿거나말거나
  • 10. Harry Big Button (해리빅버튼) – Perfect Storm
  • 12. Hologram Film (홀로그램 필름) – Into The Wild
  • 29. LudiSTELO (루디스텔로) – Experience
  • 35. leeSA (리싸) – Where is leeSA?
  • 43. My Aunt Mary (마이 엔트 메리) – DRIFT
  • 45. Ibadi (이바디) – Story Of Us

Top 10 songs:

  1. 이규호 (Lee Gyu Ho / Kyo) – 뭉뚱그리다 [MV]
  2. LalaSweet (랄라스윗) – 오월 [MV]
  3. Huckleberry P (허클베리 피) – THE KID
  4. Zitten (짙은) – Try
  5. Monni (몽니) – 돋네요 [MV]
  6. 10cm (십센치) – Fine Thank You And You?
  7. 불나방 스타 쏘세지 클럽 – 다 가질 걸 그랬어
  8. 3rd Line Butterfly (3호선버터플라이) – 헤어지는날바로오늘 [Live]
  9. The Electric Eels (전기뱀장어) – 송곳니 [MV]
  10. Harry Big Button (해리빅버튼) – Coffee, cigarettes and Rock’N’Roll [Live]

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