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Few weeks ago, we received an email from Zandari Culture Company about the upcoming Zandari Festa. The festival seems like an event you should definitely go if you are in Korea during October. Here is more information:

About Zandari Festa The name “Zandari,” which derives from a small bridge named Zandari in the present-day Seogydong, symbolizes “town festival” that is based in Hongdae area. In 2012, the festival “quietly started as a town-type showcase festival, which focuses on, rather than size, diversity and togetherness,” and the Zandari Festa is coming back this year GLOBAL by partnering up with Liverpool Sound City (UK), V-rox (Russia), Shanghai Zhujiajio Water Village Festival (Chine, and Polish Culture Institute, (Adam Michkiewicz Culture Institute). The idea of town festival is one that advocates experiencing unique culture in desginated area of Hongdae. Multiple music venues, clubs, and cafes will participate in the festival as Zandari friends, allowing the participants to enjoy performances from all corners of Hongdae. In other words, three days of nonstop music and partying it up everywhere in Hongdae, a street of youth, a place where lights never go out. Mark your calendar right now for Zandari Festa will be the highlight of your October in Seoul.

WHEN 10.10 (Friday) – 10.12 (Sunday) 2014

WHERE Hongdae

TICKET PRICE It varies depending on which pass you buy.

  • 1 day ticket – 25,000 won
  • 2 day ticket – 35,000 won
  • Delegate pass – 100,ooo won


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Helpful Information

  • Different artists will be performing at different venues around Hongdae. So make sure to check the schedule. Once the room capacity is reached, you might not be able to get in.  You can start entering the venues 30 minutes prior to the performance. So, if you have musicians you MUST watch, it is not a bad idea to line up and wait at the door.
  • The festival sells alcohol so if you are under 19, you cannot buy the tickets.
  • Don’t forget to bring ID. Some venues might check if you are the holder of the pass. You might also need it to buy the tickets.
  • Don’t lose your bracelet, which works as a ticket. They do not reissue or replace the lost bracelets.
  • You get discounts if you go to ZANDARI SHOPS around Hongdae. Make sure to check the map they give out to visit these stores.

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