Nunco Band (눈뜨고코베인) returned with their 4th official album.

Nunco Band was formed in 2002 with the leader/vocal Kamakgi (깜악귀), keyboardist Yuhleemok (연리목), guitarist Choiyoungdu (최영두), and drummer Kimhyunho (김형호). Their first debut album “Selling Object,” with the rare 70s-80s Korean rock sound, received recognition in the music scene for their uniqueness and peculiarity.

This Novemeber, they made a comeback in 3 years.

A new album titled “Skyland” has SF concept with a new wave rock sound.  According to the band, what sets this album apart from the previous ones are the lyrical sounds and SF concepted lyrics.

A title song of the album, “Future Luv,” starts with the scenerio that all sexual relationships are forbidden by law in the year of 3022.  Sounds interesting?


Source: Nate News