Few days after returning with the single 왜 그래 (Why),  talented rock band Cheezstereo (치즈스테레오) released their 2nd full length album this April 6th. ‘Cheezstereo’ (the album’s name) includes the songs “왜 그래 (Why)”, “Dance Now” and 9 new tracks:

01. 왜 그래
02. 선샤인데이
03. 유유히 흐르네
04. EVE
05. 꽃
06. 청춘파도
07. 밤이 깊도록
08. 바빠
09. Dance Now
10. It’s a whole new day
11. 1%

The band released their 1st album ‘Don’t Work, Be Happy‘ in September of 2009.


[EDIT] The music video for the title track “유유히 흐르네 (Like A Lazy River)” has been revealed:


Source: Daum미러볼 뮤직 – Mirrorball Music