sentimental scenery

Singer and musician Sentimental Scenery (센티멘탈 시너리) released this April 16th his 2nd album ’11 DAYS’, which contains two CDs and a total of 18 tracks, including the song “지금 여기, 이곳에서“, released as a single in March. Also, this time there are only two collaborations: female singers Lucia (루시아) and Hello Gayoung (안녕하신가영).

’11 DAYS’ tracklist:


01. Compassion (Acoustic ver.)
02. 기나긴 여정
03. 서약
04. Beautiful Sunday
05. 아껴줘 (Feat. Hello Gayoung (안녕하신가영)
06. 별 쏟아지던 밤
07. Love is nothing
08. 지금 여기, 이곳에서 (Duet with Lucia (루시아))
09. 누군가의 나날들
10. 가혹한 계절
11. Epic


12. Monochrome
13. Cruel World
14. Solar Eclipse
15. Faded Note
16. 기나긴 여정 (inst.)
17. 지금 여기, 이곳에서 (inst.)
18. 별 쏟아지던 밤 (inst.)

In addition, Pastel Music unveiled a beautiful music video for the title track ”서약 (The Promise)”:


[EDIT] Now ’11 DAYS’ is available on iTunes and it has been released a MV for the track “Epic“:


Source: pastelmusic, Daum