Punk rock band PATiENTS (페이션츠) is back with its 2nd full length album ‘18‘, released this April 29th and already available on Bandcamp. It contains 9 new songs and the track “Let’s Drive, Let’s Go!“, released in 2013 as a single.

’18’ tracklist:

01. Let’s Drive, Let’s Go!
02. 즐거운 생활 (Bad Fingers)
03. 18세기
04. Hybrid Future
05. R.I.P.
06. Idiot vs. Psycho
07. High Level Darling
08. Spanking Jenny
09. 재의 아이들 (Children of the Ashes)
10. All the Patients Let’s Go

Additionally, a music video for the title track “18세기” has been revealed along with a teaser of the album featuring the song “즐거운 생활 (Bad Fingers)“:


PATiENTS will perform the next month, along with rock bands Dead Buttons (데드버튼즈) and Third Stone (써드스톤), folk trio Monoban (모노반) and post-rock band Jambinai (잠비나이), in the UK. First on May 19th in London and then on May 24th at Liverpool Sound City.


Sources: Steelface RecordsPATiENTS Official Facebook Page