I fell in love with Korean music somewhere in 2009 due to pop. But having as background true love for alternative metal, gothic metal and gothic rock grew curiosity in other genres of Korean music. Soon after on 12.12.2010 I organized livejournal community and soon after started running website where I shared the new music I found. And after my first visit to Korea and first interview with Korean indie band I can name myself a fan of Korean indie. To be honest I prefer hard guitar riffs, strong male vocals and energetic sounds but also adore experimental music showing the talent of musicians.



“I started getting into Korean language and music as a Cassiopeia in 2006 and branched out to every genre I could get my hands on. There’s a strange charm in Korean rock and the community surrounding it that I fell for, and at the time not a lot of information available to non-Koreans. I’m hoping I can help Korean Rock Is Real with that, and if we manage to enlighten some minds, it’s good enough for me. I may have a bad habit of gushing and spazzing over things I find cool, but it’s all in the name of spreading the love, and the love is strong. There is no great cause and I’m not championing anything, all I’m here to do is say hey, this is an awesome band, listen to them and maybe love them or die by my hand (just kidding but not really. Watch out, I’m a fangirl, don’t you know).”

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“Actually, my first approach to the Korean music was through the k-indie, specifically for the soundtrack of the drama “The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince’. I was fascinated with the sound of many of these artists, but unfortunately it was virtually impossible to find sites with information about them and listen more of their work.
So, I will not lie, I let myself be carried away by the current of the k-pop. I tried for a while with various groups and soloists, but soon I realized that was not for me. Currently it is a rare occasion that I’m interested in some of that music.
Then I chose the difficult path of being a k-indie fan, where you suffer because the information, if it exists, 98% of the time is only in Korean, it is often an impossible mission to get singles and albums, and practically you have to live of the fancams to see performances of these artists. But worth it, because it’s music that really transcends and for the people that this hobby has given me the opportunity to meet.
Apart from the k-indie, I love k-hip hop. Apparently I’m a masochist because I chose another unpopular genre for which I also have had to suffer, but I have no intention of leaving it. The oddest thing about this is that hardly anyone who knows me in real life, besides my immediate family, knows I like hip hop, and I’m sure they would be very surprised if they knew.
There’s a lot I still don’t know about the Korean rock and indie scene, so there is much work to do.”

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“Two and half years ago I discovered K-Drama world with amazing soundtracks, which opened me to K-Pop. In the meantime I became big fan of alternative and indie music but not Korean only European. But about half year ago when I met Anna via FB and she proposed me to be part of KROCKISREAL’s team, I have never thought that this would be the beginning of my love from first sight to Korean Indie-Rock music.”



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