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Genius releases its brand new mini-album ‘Lucky Mistake’

Genius releases its brand new mini-album ‘Lucky Mistake’

Genius has just released its new mini-album ‘Lucky Mistake’ with Boongaboonga Records. The grunge, garage rock sound leaves a slightly romantic veil of a decadent and desperate (though still rebel, as in early albums) spirit which is also cultivated by the frontman who leaves the mysterious impression of being both passionate about his music and reluctant...
Genius released 3rd album 'Beaches'

Genius released 3rd album ‘Beaches’

God Save the Genius! When Malcolm McLaren was creating Sex Pistols and was desperately trying to direct Johnny Rotten’s  epatage and provocative energy at the right course, he could barely conceive that his brilliant and mind-blowing ideas would be embodied 40 years later in the new album BEACHES,  which was just released by the band...