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1ton (원톤)
[MV] 1TON (원톤) - When I Was Young

[MV] 1TON (원톤) – When I Was Young

Video for the song off the 1st EP ‘Tiny Old Tape’ from melodic punk band Source: dopekorea
[audio] 1TON (원톤) - I WAS YOUNG (샘플 프리뷰 트랙)

[audio] 1TON (원톤) – I WAS YOUNG (샘플 프리뷰 트랙)

Source: dopekorea
[audio] 원톤 1TON - Missing Memories

[audio] 원톤 1TON – Missing Memories

Source: hul kpop
[event] That's Entertaiment

[event] That’s Entertaiment

WHEN: May 31th, SUN 7:00 pm WHERE: Club FF, Seoul BANDS: 포브라더스 (4brothers), 테디보이즈 (Teddy Boys), 데드버튼즈 Dead Buttons , 원톤 1TON , THE Veggers(더 베거스) , 루디건즈 Rudy Guns , Duck Duck Goose
[event] Demolisha 13

[event] Demolisha 13

WHEN: May 24, 7:00 pm WHERE: 얼반(Urban), 대구 중구 삼덕동1가 18-1, Daegu 700-411 BANDS: Things We Say, GWAMEGI, 1TON, Axcutor, SINK to RISE, Taiku Mob, 드링킹소년소녀합창단, Bullet Ant, Colours