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afa (에이에프에이)


A.F.A. is a rock band from Seoul South Korea. The band’s name is an allusion to one of the classic concepts of Alchemy in fiction, turning lead and other common elements into gold. By taking the challenges and trials, or the “Ashes” of their past, the band combines these experiences with their musical talents to create gold. Quality musicianship with catchy hooks and songs that just feel good to listen to.

A.F.A. is made up of four experienced musicians who know what writing meaningful and powerful music is about. While we pride ourselves in our dedication to quality music and performance, we have a lot more to offer potential partners.

AFA has an extremely strong work ethic with a high dedication to seeing our passion through to completion. We are able and willing to put in the work and time on marketing, booking and promotion to ensure that once the group is in the public eye, that we are engaged with our fans daily while constantly striving to take the band to the next level.

Members :
Jake Chang – Guitars
Keun Hong Park – Vocals
Ki Bong Choi – Bass
Seung Hwan Jun – Drums

[live] Sinawe (시나위) for Naver's On Stage session

[live] Sinawe (시나위) for Naver’s On Stage session

[audio] AFA - Return Someday

[audio] AFA – Return Someday

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