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annyeongbada (안녕바다)

Members: Myungje (bass), Junhyuk (drums), Namoo (vox, gt), Daehyun (keyboard)

Record Label: Fluxus Music

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[live] Show Champion - Rock Festival

[live] Show Champion – Rock Festival

Rock Style Talk Daybreak Wiretap in My Ear Transfixion Romantic Punch Pia SuperKidd Annyeongbada (Bye Bye Sea) GOGOSTAR Talk 1 Talk 2 Talk 3 Talent Show Bands selecting girl idol Sourse: asczxdqwe11
Annyeongbada's spontaneous street performances! @Firenze "Star Shower"

Annyeongbada’s spontaneous street performances! @Firenze “Star Shower”

Sourse: fantalemon314

Indi.Go.Chart 50 Vol. 21

Let’s see who’s on top 10 places for the period (03.11 – 03.25) Seems that being for 21 weeks (from the very beginning of Indi.Go.Chart) in the chart is not enough for Broccoli You Too. Two albums in top 10 and first place with the first album released in 2008 – that is impressing. Also...

Indi.Go.Chart 50 Vol. 20

I’m sorry for not keeping updated chart. So for today it’s gonna be two at once^^ Let’s see who’s on top 10 places for the period (02.26 – 03.10) 1. Annyeongbada (안녕바다 or Bye Bye Sea) – 2집 PINK REVOLUTION (new) 2. eAeon (이이언) – 1집 Guilt-Free 3. Lucid Fall (루시드 폴) – 5집 아름다운...
[MV] 안녕바다(Annyeongbada) - 야광별(Luminous Star)

[MV] 안녕바다(Annyeongbada) – 야광별(Luminous Star)

Sourse: fluxus

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (02.27-03.04)

Here I am with the end of week list of releases. Remember that it is digital releases dates. And don’t miss the chance to take a look to performances or to MV’s which are posted below the release info. Cheers! YoonJongShin (윤종신) 2012 月刊 尹鍾信 March [single] Release date: 2012.02.28 Listen to 널 사랑해 오늘따라...