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ashgray (애쉬그레이)

Members: DJ PLO (Shin Taehyun), No Minhyuk, Bruzi

Record Label: Bigfoot Records

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KRIR writers' January choices

KRIR writers’ January choices

In January 2014 were released over 70 new songs coming from Independant Korean music world – Indie, Rock, Metal, Alternative… We decided to start series of our choices of the month where we would like to share those releases that caught our attention. Each of us has different music tastes so we think it would...
Korean indie/rock releases of the week (01.13-01.19)

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (01.13-01.19)

Here is rather short list of releases and unfortunately again I’m not driven by any of these bands/singers. Yes, here you can see Royal Pirates new EP but come on! they are trying to follow CNBlue and FTIsland who can’t be called rock at all! Again, here is Rumble Fish who lost all her expressiveness...
[MV] Ashgray (애쉬그래이) - 날 잊지 말아요

[MV] Ashgray (애쉬그래이) – 날 잊지 말아요

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Indi.Go.Chart 50 by Daum.net (Vol. 33)

Here are top 10 places for the period 09.11 – 09.25 1. Epitone Project (에피톤 프로젝트) – 2집 낯선 도시에서의 하루 2. Dickpunks (딕펑스) – 1집 DICKPUNKS 3. Urban Zakapa (어반 자카파) – 1집 4. V.A. – 이야기해주세요 5. Beenzino (빈지노) – [EP] 2 4 : 2 6 6. Achime (아침) – 2집 Overcome 7....
Korean indie/rock releases of the week (09.17-09.23)

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (09.17-09.23)

Here is the list of Korean indie/rock releases of the week (09.17-09.23). As usual with some Youtube links and YesAsia links to buy physical copy. Swingz (스윙즈) Renewal [single] Release date: 2012.09.18 Watch live performance of duo   Jun Sunghoon (전성훈) 소외 [EP] Release date: 2012.09.17 Listen to 소외 Around Zero Around Zero [single] Release...
[MV] ASHGRAY (애쉬그레이) - KILLHEEL (Feat. 길미)

[MV] ASHGRAY (애쉬그레이) – KILLHEEL (Feat. 길미)

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German fans name AshGray "Best Indie Artist/Band"

German fans name AshGray “Best Indie Artist/Band”

Occures as if German fans have their own chart award. Owner of the chart is http://remarkable.forumieren.com/. And it is great that they are not focused only on kpop but mention also indie artists. So for this year the winner is AshGray. Just reminding you that band released in 2011 their first album, recorded for Tribute...