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burning monkeys (버닝몽키즈)

Genre: Garage Punk, Alternative, Grunge
Kim Ji Hwan (V/G)
Song Ji Yoon (G)
Lee Da Young (B)
Lim Hyeong Jun (D)

[event] OPEN PARTY !

[event] OPEN PARTY !

WHEN: May 31, SAT 5:30 pm WHERE: Freebird, Seoul BANDS:  청년들 (The lads), Burning Monkeys, 더 루스터스 (The Roosters), Glen Check, WHOwho, yamagata tweakster, 18gram, Space papa ,HOLOGRAM FILM
[event] Guitar Breath To Fire

[event] Guitar Breath To Fire

WHEN: May 10, SAT 7:30 pm WHERE: Club Freebird BANDS: 스퀘어 더 써클 / Square the Circle , Burning Monkeys, PAINTERS (페인터스) , Julia Dream, Modsdive, Telefly
Korean indie/rock releases of the week (12.02-12.08)

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (12.02-12.08)

Here is the list of releases of last week. Not that much for my taste in music. But those who like Magis Strawberry Sound artists (Yozoh, OksangDalbit, K.Afka, Rainbow99 and others) probably would be rather happy with the first compilation album of label where artists form interesting duets. Also you just HAVE to listen to...