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dancensingalong (춤을추며씽얼롱)
Korean indie/rock releases of the week (01.13-01.19)

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (01.13-01.19)

Here is rather short list of releases and unfortunately again I’m not driven by any of these bands/singers. Yes, here you can see Royal Pirates new EP but come on! they are trying to follow CNBlue and FTIsland who can’t be called rock at all! Again, here is Rumble Fish who lost all her expressiveness...
[MV] Dancensingalong (춤을추며씽얼롱) - Even Though You're A Grown Up (다컷대도)

[MV] Dancensingalong (춤을추며씽얼롱) – Even Though You’re A Grown Up (다컷대도)

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