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ee (이이)
[MV] pppb (삐삐밴드) - ㅈㄱㅈㄱ

[MV] pppb (삐삐밴드) – ㅈㄱㅈㄱ

Experimental band pppb a.k.a. Pipiband (삐삐밴드), (now) consisting of Lee Yoon Jung (이윤정) of EE (이이) and Dalpalan (달파란) -of Pipi Long Stocking (삐삐롱스타킹), Boksoongah (복숭아) and other projects- returned this April 30th with the new single ‘ㅈㄱㅈㄱ‘. They had not released anything new since their 2nd album ‘불가능한작전‘ in 1996, but in 2004 released the compilation album ‘The Complete...
Quirky electronic duo EE is back

Quirky electronic duo EE is back

Super quirky experimental electronic duo EE (이이), consisting of married couple Lee Yoon Jung (이윤정) and Lee Hyun Joon (이현준), made their comeback this March 13th with the EP ‘DEAR DOOR’ (already available on iTunes), which consists of three new songs: “KNOCK THE DOOR”, “No.417” and “WIGGY DAWN”. Of this last was released a bizarre...