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fatal (파탈)
Korean indie/rock releases of the month (07.30-09.02)

Korean indie/rock releases of the month (07.30-09.02)

As I was away from proper blogging for sooo long, in this post I collect releases from the whole month. From 30th of July till 2nd of September. Please be aware that the list is biiig! Kingston Rudieska (킹스턴 루디스카) 3집 3rd Kind Release date: 2012.07.30 Watch video for 시간이 멈춰있다 Buy at YesAsia 아로새긴...

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (05.07-05.13)

Here I am with a long list of digital releases of this week. Even don’t know what I expected the most: compilation album SUM with Greenplugged artists, Broken Valentine’s first full album with old and new songs or Humanrace’ first EP? And what is your choice? YB 정글의 법칙 [single] Release date: 2012.05.07 Listen to...