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fine (피네)
K-Indie Chart (2014.05.08)

K-Indie Chart (2014.05.08)

The show must go on and the Korean music industry begins to move again. Acoustic pop band Julia Hart returns and leads the top 10, and the new Mint Paper’s compilation album –with 정재원 (Jung Jae Won), 소심한 오빠들 (Sosimboys), 이선 (Yisun), 권영찬 (Kwon Young Chan), 피네 (Fine), 김은태 (Kim Eun Tae), 몽키즈 (Monkeyz), Life...
[audio] 피네 (Fine) - 나를 어지럽게 해 (서로의 도시)

[audio] 피네 (Fine) – 나를 어지럽게 해 (서로의 도시)

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