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garlixx (갈릭스)
[MV] 갈릭스(GARLIXX) - 바베큐 (4악장)

[MV] 갈릭스(GARLIXX) – 바베큐 (4악장)

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[MV] GARLIXX (갈릭스) – 잘생겼잖아 FROM THE 1ST EP [잘생겼잖아]

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (01.14-01.20)

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (01.14-01.20)

Here is list of releases of the previous week. There are several bands that I’m really happy to see. First – my long lasting love Tranfixion and new one under Roxta Music – Garlixx. Then young band WHOwho and new for me duet Olot Aulidge. And what are your favorite ones out of this list?...