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graye (그레이)
[Indie2Go#099] GRAYE (그레이) - EMPTY SPACE

[Indie2Go#099] GRAYE (그레이) – EMPTY SPACE

  Source: INDIE TO GO
[MV] GRAYE (그레이) X YEON (연) - EMPTY SPACE (Feat. Kim Oki (김오키))

[MV] GRAYE (그레이) X YEON (연) – EMPTY SPACE (Feat. Kim Oki (김오키))

Fantastic and hypnotic music video for “EMPTY SPACE“, which is a collaboration between music producer GRAYE (그레이), visual artist YEON (연) and saxophonist Kim Oki (김오키). The song is part of the single album ‘JUNK PIXEL / EMPTY SPACE‘, which also includes the song “JUNK PIXEL” and was released on January 21.   Source: 영기획YOUNG,GIFTED&WACK