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hanumpa (한음파)
[MV] HANUMPA (한음파) - 곡예사

[MV] HANUMPA (한음파) – 곡예사

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[live] Hanumpa[한:음파] / 한음파 Official - 200만 광년으로부터의 5호 계획

[live] Hanumpa[한:음파] / 한음파 Official – 200만 광년으로부터의 5호 계획

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Korean indie/rock releases of the week (01.20-01.26)

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (01.20-01.26)

Here is another week in releases that started with the regular F.OUND Tracks compilation from Foundation organization (they have also FOUND magazine). I’m really happy to see Williams Town in this compilation cause I expect a lot from this band (btw they are preparing to release new record soon). Also highly recommend Pastel Music compilation...

F.OUND Tracks Vol.41

[live] Hanumpa (한음파) - 소용없는 얘기 & 매미

[live] Hanumpa (한음파) – 소용없는 얘기 & 매미

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Rock on Korea - Modern rock (모던락)

Rock on Korea – Modern rock (모던락)

This episode has story about modern rock starting with Band H2O and continuing with Hanumpa, Bye Bye Badman, Loro's and Fantastic Drugstore In this episode, we will deeply look at a number of distinctive modern rock bands who are actively performing in Korea. Starting from H2O, Korean modern rock came into the world in the...

Indi.Go.Chart 50 Vol. 21

Let’s see who’s on top 10 places for the period (03.11 – 03.25) Seems that being for 21 weeks (from the very beginning of Indi.Go.Chart) in the chart is not enough for Broccoli You Too. Two albums in top 10 and first place with the first album released in 2008 – that is impressing. Also...
[live] Playground Video

[live] Playground Video

A while ago I was posting live video from the Playground, but here are new videos and full version. In this full-time concert videos you can watch in good quality your favorite artists. Ynot? (와이낫), Hyunpil Shin (신현필), Kingston Rudieska (킹스턴루디스카) NY Fish (NY물고기), Mystery Curtain (수상한커튼), Zitten (짙은) Eye to Eye (아이투아이), Hanumpa (한음파),...

Hanumpa (한음파) profile new photos

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Korean indie/rock releases of the week (03.12-03.18)

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (03.12-03.18)

It’s Sunday and here is new list of releases of the week. As usual only digital releases dates. As usual with some samples of what you could expect from the bands. This week I’m totally happy with Hanumpa’s second album. Scroll down to get link of their MV “재촉” from album “Kiss from the Mystic”....
한음파 (Hanumpa) - 안개여인의 키스 (Playground Live)

한음파 (Hanumpa) – 안개여인의 키스 (Playground Live)

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[MV] Hanumpa (한음파) - 재촉

[MV] Hanumpa (한음파) – 재촉

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