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kang huh darlim (강허달림)
[Indie2Go#082] Kang Huh Dalrim (강허달림) - "꼭 안아 주세요" w/ ELLE

[Indie2Go#082] Kang Huh Dalrim (강허달림) – “꼭 안아 주세요” w/ ELLE

Source: jipiddy4indie2go

Indi.Go.Chart 50 Vol. 25

Here are Top – 10 places for the period 05.11 – 05.25 This chart is now flooded with Top Band season 1 and 2 contestants. Broken Valentine starts from the 4th position with first full album Shade and Gate Flowers also from the 1st season starts from the 7th position also with the first full...

Indi.Go.Chart 50 by Daum.net

Let’s take a look back to the end of december and remember the best indie albums which are presented by Daum.net. Here are first 10 places for the period 11.12 – 25.12. 1. Lucid Fall (루시드 폴) – 5집 아름다운 날들 2. Zitten (짙은) – 백야 [EP] 3. Jeong Joon Il (정준일) – 1집 Lo9ve3r4s...