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kim sarang (김사랑)

[audio] Kimsarang (김사랑) - Love Up

[audio] Kimsarang (김사랑) – Love Up

“Love Up” is a title song of Kimsarang’s newly released album and it is noted as having the most active sound from the album. Like the lyrics, Kimsarang wishes all things can live in harmony through love.I find the new album simply beautiful, what about you guys? Source: Youtube
[live] Kim Sarang (김사랑) at MBC Nanjang (문화콘서트 난장)

[live] Kim Sarang (김사랑) at MBC Nanjang (문화콘서트 난장)

[MV] Kim Sarang (김사랑) - ICU

[MV] Kim Sarang (김사랑) – ICU

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