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Moon Hare (달토끼)
Korean indie/rock releases of the week (04.02-04.08)

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (04.02-04.08)

Another end of the week, another list of releases. Not much though. But what I liked is a band called 달토끼 and their old music video, which is obviously not as expensive as can do well-known bands but with really funny inspiration and brings good emotions. Also the best discovery of this week is 몸과마음(momguamaum). And...
[MV] Moon Hare (달토끼) - 너가 싫어

[MV] Moon Hare (달토끼) – 너가 싫어

Though this video was uploaded by the band in December 2011, it is now released with the first self-titled single 달토끼. Sourse: ekwkdl