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No Control (노컨트롤)
[MV] No control (노컨트롤) - Arsenic

[MV] No control (노컨트롤) – Arsenic

Postpunk/shoegaze band No Control releases MV for the song Arsenic from their first full album ‘No Control’. Within this music video band invites you to the poisoned walk down the streets of the city. Sourse: hwangtab

No Control releases new single with old songs

On 10th of May post-punk/noise rock band No Control released new single ‘Hiroshima’ (히로시마). On the second glance occured that the single consists of old songs ‘Hirosima’ and ‘사장님개새끼’. Hiroshima was recorded with blues guitarist Ha Heon Jin already in february 2011 and was one of five songs of debut EP “You have no control”. Why...

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (05.07-05.13)

Here I am with a long list of digital releases of this week. Even don’t know what I expected the most: compilation album SUM with Greenplugged artists, Broken Valentine’s first full album with old and new songs or Humanrace’ first EP? And what is your choice? YB 정글의 법칙 [single] Release date: 2012.05.07 Listen to...
Korean indie/rock releases of the week (04.16-04.22)

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (04.16-04.22)

Here I am with the names of digital releases of the week. What were you waiting for and what do you want to listen? KimChangWan who is already on the scene more that 20 years or recently formed Square the Circle? Do you want some strange Theatre8 with only for adults MV or Casker/Funny Fink...