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noizegarden (노이즈가든)
K-Indie Chart (2014.05.30)

K-Indie Chart (2014.05.30)

Rappers Dok2, The Quiett and Beenzino top the chart with the new Illionaire Records album, followed by the expected 2nd albums from singer Lucia and electronic-rock duo The Solutions (finally!). DICKPUNKS are back to the top 10, powerful rock is present thanks to the guys of Gate Flowers and their new EP, and modern rock...
[live] 노이즈가든 Noizegarden Official (with 이석원) - 앨범 재발매 단공

[live] 노이즈가든 Noizegarden Official (with 이석원) – 앨범 재발매 단공

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K-Indie Chart (2014.05.16)

K-Indie Chart (2014.05.16)

This time we have a lot of additions to the chart. The 90’s legendary metal band Noise Garden quickly takes the throne with their anthology box set, followed by new albums from acoustic duo 재주소년 (Jae Joo So Nyeon) and acoustic pop band Sugarbowl. Also, the interesting quartet The Lands and their British rock style debut...
[audio] Noizegarden (노이즈가든) - Waiting (기다려)

[audio] Noizegarden (노이즈가든) – Waiting (기다려)

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