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NY Fish (NY물고기)

[live] NY Fish (NY물고기) for Naver's OnStage Session 2012.10.25

여기에 위난의 바다 Love Again   Follow the band: http://club.cyworld.com/nyfish https://twitter.com/mulgoki Sourse: studiolovo
[live] Playground Video

[live] Playground Video

A while ago I was posting live video from the Playground, but here are new videos and full version. In this full-time concert videos you can watch in good quality your favorite artists. Ynot? (와이낫), Hyunpil Shin (신현필), Kingston Rudieska (킹스턴루디스카) NY Fish (NY물고기), Mystery Curtain (수상한커튼), Zitten (짙은) Eye to Eye (아이투아이), Hanumpa (한음파),...