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oren (오랜)
[audio] 오랜 (Oren) - 가득해(Be brimful) + 후회할거야(She'll regret it)

[audio] 오랜 (Oren) – 가득해(Be brimful) + 후회할거야(She’ll regret it)

Source: PurplePine
Korean indie/rock releases of the week (11.11.-11.17)

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (11.11.-11.17)

I would be short in my favorite releases. Without hesitation – Juck Juck Grunzie. Second place – Transfixion. And I don’t feel guilty for being biased^^ PaperTree (페이퍼트리) Nappy [EP] Release date: 2013.11.11 Watch teaser for 나비(Butterfly) Buy on YesAsia
[MV] Oren (오랜) - A (ㄱ)

[MV] Oren (오랜) – A (ㄱ)

Source: Mirrorball music