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post panic (포스트패닉)

Members: Andy (vox, gt, fx), Ken (gt, fx), PJ (bass, fx), mass (drums)

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PosT PANiC Wants To Play In Your City!

PosT PANiC Wants To Play In Your City!

PosT PANiC is spreading the word: they want to go where you are. By using MyMusicTaste they’re out to gather information on where they’re wanted the most. All fans have to do is click “Make” on the Post Panic page here and sign up (or sign in automatically via Google, Facebook or Twitter) and select...
HarryBigButton (해리빅버튼) Year End "Friendship Stage"

HarryBigButton (해리빅버튼) Year End “Friendship Stage”

Harry Big Button invited Post Panic (포스트패닉) among the many guests to collaborate on their year end performance “Friendship Stage” and have released a behind the scenes teaser video for their joint performance. Other artists involved in the collaboration include Sinawe (시나위), Gate Flowers (게이트플라워즈), Fantastic Drugstore (판타스틱 드럭스토어), Eastern Sidekick (이스턴 사이드킥) and more. The...
Rock on Korea - Shut up, Listen to me ("닥치고 내 말 들어!")

Rock on Korea – Shut up, Listen to me (“닥치고 내 말 들어!”)

Story about Korean punk featuring Crying Nut, No Brain, 타카피(tacopy), 아이씨사이다 (ICYCIDER), No.1 Korean, Post Panic and Sizose – 시조새 Retraces the history of Korean ‘Punk Rock’ with leading rock guitarist, Kim Do-kyun, who hits the town to meet pioneers of the music genre. Of those featured is the “Godfather of Joseon Rock” Crying Nut....
Post Panic MV for "Outer Space"

Post Panic MV for “Outer Space”

Post Panic have finally released the MV for their title song of their 1st album of the same name, 'Outer Space'. Its a newer, more electronic sound than their usual fare. Let us know what you think of it and if you like it, be sure to check out the album! Source: Soundholic Entertainment Youtube...
[teaser] PosT PANiC (포스트패닉) - Outer space

[teaser] PosT PANiC (포스트패닉) – Outer space

Source: SoundholicENT
Post Panic New Album "Outer Space" Out On April 23rd

Post Panic New Album “Outer Space” Out On April 23rd

PosT PANic First Album Making FIlm PosT PANiC (formerly TheUnited93) have announced the title and release date of their first album. "Outer Space" is set to be released on the 23rd of April 2013 following a special showcase at the NomNomNom Concert on the 19th of April at Soundholic City with WhoWho and GoGo Boys....