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Project Ccok (프로젝트 꼭)
[audio] Project CCOK - 프로젝트 꼭 - Look Back

[audio] Project CCOK – 프로젝트 꼭 – Look Back

Source: 내가 좋아하는 음악트랙
[MV] Project CCOK (프로젝트꼭) - Look Back

[MV] Project CCOK (프로젝트꼭) – Look Back

Source: Mirrorball music
Korean indie/rock releases (01.01-01.13)

Korean indie/rock releases (01.01-01.13)

Two weeks since the beginning of the year and already many releases. What is worth mentioning? Metal apologists Cratia and Africa, acoustic version of Nine9’s single 연인들, Nell with their Christmas song. Also there are several newcomers like Label and Minor Stuff, and long awaited release from SPthe#. And what is your choice? Label (라벨)...