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ro.l (로엘)
[MV] Ro.L (로엘) - 미스터 론리 (Mr.Lonely)

[MV] Ro.L (로엘) – 미스터 론리 (Mr.Lonely)

From acoustic trio Ro.L (로엘)‘s new single ‘Mr.Lonely‘, which also includes the song “지각“.   Source: Luminant Entertainment
[MV] Ro.L (로엘) - Lovers' Day

[MV] Ro.L (로엘) – Lovers’ Day

Source: Mirrorball music
[MV] Ro.L (로엘) - 거지같은 (You're So Beatiful)

[MV] Ro.L (로엘) – 거지같은 (You’re So Beatiful)

Source: Mirrorball music