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seo sang jun (서상준)
Korean indie/rock releases of the week (02.25-03.03)

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (02.25-03.03)

Here is list of releases of the last week. I’m hesitating what to chose as my favorite one except Nemesis with their long awaited release ‘Dream’. And what are your picks of the week? Bery Bery Tropical (베리베리 트로피칼) 정크뮤직 1호점 [single] Release date: 2013.02.25 Listen to 딸기쉐이크   Kim Young Jin (김영진) 김영진 英山大音...

[MV] 서상준 (Seo Sang Jun) EP Wannabe

서상준 (Seo Sang Jun), Vodka Rain (보드카 레인) drummer, reveals five music videos of all songs from his EP 'Wannabe', released on February 28.  01. Sailing 02. Plan B 03. Little Chance  04. Moth 05. Wannabe Source: mirrorballmusickorea