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startline (스타트라인)


[MV] Startline (스타트라인) - Today

[MV] Startline (스타트라인) – Today

Punk band Startline (스타트라인) released their second EP ‘Across The Night‘ on August 5 of 2015, however is until now that is revealed the music video for the title track “Today“.   Source: 미러볼 뮤직 – Mirrorball Music
[live] Startline (스타트라인) on MBC Nanjang

[live] Startline (스타트라인) on MBC Nanjang

Source: MBC Nanjang
Korean indie/rock releases of the week (01.06-01.12)

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (01.06-01.12)

Here is our usual releases post with the youtube/yesasia links to give you examples. Not sure what to highlight this week cause I was not impressed that much with the releases. But for sure I highly recommend electronic act Ludistelo and punkers Startline with their new singles. If you want to grab something for your...
[MV] STARTLINE (스타트라인) - Zombie

[MV] STARTLINE (스타트라인) – Zombie

Source: Mirrorball Music
[MV] STARTLINE (스타트라인) - Now We Go On (이제부터 우리는)

[MV] STARTLINE (스타트라인) – Now We Go On (이제부터 우리는)

Source: Mirrorball Music
[MV] STARTLINE - From Now On.

[MV] STARTLINE – From Now On.

Source: gun choi