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the electric eels (전기뱀장어)

[live] The electric eels (전기뱀장어) - 야간비행

[live] The electric eels (전기뱀장어) – 야간비행

Source: NANJANG Live In Gwangju
[MV] The Electric Eels (전기뱀장어) - 술래잡기

[MV] The Electric Eels (전기뱀장어) – 술래잡기

Source: 전기뱀장어(The Electriceels)
[live] Electric Eel (전기뱀장어 ) - 송곳니 (Canine), 꿀벌 (Honey Bee)

[live] Electric Eel (전기뱀장어 ) – 송곳니 (Canine), 꿀벌 (Honey Bee)

[audio]  The Electric Eels (전기뱀장어) - 술래잡기 (Hide And Seek)

[audio] The Electric Eels (전기뱀장어) – 술래잡기 (Hide And Seek)

Source: daysvids
Korean indie/rock releases of the week (04.26-05.01)

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (04.26-05.01)

Sorry for the lack of weekly releases post but it has been tough time for me due to work, business trips and other personal issues. But here I am with the last week releases and should say the summer began with a lot of sweet hearted melodies which I actually skip and don’t listen at...
The Electric Eels Strike With New EP

The Electric Eels Strike With New EP

After a week of teaser images and an album release showcase, The Electric Eels have finally officially released their new EP “너의의미”. The new album is now available both online and offline, and the band has helpfully supplied a list of links to retailers that carry their new release here. The 6-track album is said...
K-Indie Chart (2014.04.18)

K-Indie Chart (2014.04.18)

It has been a difficult week for South Korea and, unfortunately, it seems that there will be more of these days. Waiting for the situation to improve, we present the new K-Indie Chart. Singer Kyo is now positioned in the first place, acoustic duo Lalasweet is second with new album and hip hop is back to the...
K-Indie Chart (2014.04.03)

K-Indie Chart (2014.04.03)

Big names can be seen in the chart this time. Zitten is back to reclaim the throne with his beautiful new EP, followed by singer and composer 이규호 (Lee Gyu Ho / Kyo) and modern rock band Monni with their respectively new albums. The 1st album of rock trio The Electric Eels is well received,...

Indi.Go.Chart 50 by Daum.net (Vol. 42)

Here are top 10 places according to Indi.Go.Chart 50 by Daum.net. 1. V.A. – Sky (김하늘 & 파스텔뮤직 컴필레이션 / Kim Ha Neul & Pastel Music Compilation) (new) 2. V.A. – 파스텔뮤직의 10주년 기념 (New Days & New Beginning, Pastel Music 10th Anniversary) 3. 3rd Line Butterfly (3호선 버터플라이) – 4집 Dreamtalk 4. Joa Band...
[MV] The Electric Eels (전기뱀장어) - 질투

[MV] The Electric Eels (전기뱀장어) – 질투

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K-Rookies (K-루키즈) 2012. The Electric Eels (전기뱀장어) takes first place!

K-Rookies (K-루키즈) 2012. The Electric Eels (전기뱀장어) takes first place!

On 1st of December at Interpark Arthall was held final K-Rookies concert. To the finals came 6 bands: The Electric Eels (전기뱀장어), Manggakhwa (망각화), Mushru:ms (머쉬룸즈), Solsol Spring Wind (솔솔부는 봄바람), Small O (스몰오) and Hologram Film (홀로그램 필름). The contest started in June and was followed by 6 concerts with each of the participants...

Indi.Go.Chart 50 by Daum.net (Vol. 35)

Here are top 10 places for the period 10.11 – 10.25 1. 10cm (십센치) – 2집 2.0 2. Lucia (루시아) – [EP] Décalcomanie (new) 3. Dickpunks (딕펑스) – 1집 DICKPUNKS 4. Toxic (톡식) – [EP] First Bridge (new) 5. Coffee Boy (커피소년) – 1집 기다림 (new) 6. Epitone Project (에피톤 프로젝트) – 2집 낯선 도시에서의 하루...