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Indi.Go.Chart 50 by Daum.net (Vol. 37)

Here are top 10 places of Indi.Go.Chart for the period 11.11. – 11.25 1. Peppertones (페퍼톤스) – Open Run [EP] (new) 2. Urban Zakapa (어반 자카파) – 2집 <02> 3. EZ Hyoung (이지형) – 3집 청춘마끼아또 4. 10cm (십센치) – 2집 2.0 5. Urban Zakapa (어반 자카파) – 1집 <01> 6. One More Chance (원...
Korean indie/rock releases of the week (11.19-11.25)

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (11.19-11.25)

Here is list of releases of the previous week. My personal choice for this week is Sizose (or Archaeopteryx) with first full album Homo Sapiens and as a sudden one – band Magic Donkey (요술당나귀) with catchy song 나쁜사람. And if you want something easy to listen to – highly recommend Love X Stereo with...