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wasted johnny’s (웨이스티드쟈니스)
The United 93 "Try It Out" Free Showcase And Physical Album Release

The United 93 “Try It Out” Free Showcase And Physical Album Release

  The United 93 revealed on their official Twitter that physical copies of their latest, “Try It Out”, will be available for purchase at their album release showcase this coming 30th April at Club FF in Hongdae. The showcase, in collaboration with Redbull Korea, will be free for those that RSVP and will feature guests...
[live] Wasted Johnny's (웨이스티드쟈니스) - 냄새

[live] Wasted Johnny’s (웨이스티드쟈니스) – 냄새

Source: Meva
[live] Wasted Johnny's (웨이스티드쟈니스) - 뜨거웠으면 좋겠어

[live] Wasted Johnny’s (웨이스티드쟈니스) – 뜨거웠으면 좋겠어

Source: C Lippe
[event] The Fly

[event] The Fly

WHEN: June 20, 9:00 pm WHERE: Club FF, Seoul BANDS: 악퉁 Achtung, 더 루스터스 (The Roosters), Wasted Johnny’s (웨이스티드쟈니스), Colin Phils, 펜타소닉
[live] Wasted Johnny's (웨이스티드쟈니스) -Come Together (The Beatles Cover)

[live] Wasted Johnny’s (웨이스티드쟈니스) -Come Together (The Beatles Cover)

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[live] Wasted Johnny's (웨이스티드쟈니스) - Witch

[live] Wasted Johnny’s (웨이스티드쟈니스) – Witch

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[live] 웨이스티드쟈니스(Wasted Johnny's) - Sign

[live] 웨이스티드쟈니스(Wasted Johnny’s) – Sign

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[event] HAPPY

[event] HAPPY

WHEN: May 17, SAT 6:30 pm WHERE: Club FF Seoul BANDS: Jannabi (잔나비) , Elekstic, Reflex (리플렉스), Beatniks, Space papa, Wasted Johnny’s (웨이스티드쟈니스), Les Sales (레 세일즈), Table People / 탁자 사람들, Deploy ft Tommy Sharp
[live] Wasted Johnny's (웨이스티드쟈니스) - Get wasted + crossroad Meet the Devil

[live] Wasted Johnny’s (웨이스티드쟈니스) – Get wasted + crossroad Meet the Devil

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[live] Wasted Johnny's (웨이스티드쟈니스) - Bad Man at Freebird 20130810

[live] Wasted Johnny’s (웨이스티드쟈니스) – Bad Man at Freebird 20130810

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[MV] Wasted Johnny's (웨이스티드쟈니스) - LOUD & headache Girl.

[MV] Wasted Johnny’s (웨이스티드쟈니스) – LOUD & headache Girl.

Here is music video by the blues based rock'n'roll band from their first EP 'Get Wasted' scheduled to be released tomorrow. Get your potion of rock'n'roll drive! Source: thesundaydisco