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yaya (夜夜)


Yaya is a jack-of-all-trades artist who does all her work-including performance directing, artwork and design as well as composing, lyrics and producing single-handedly. She studied classical music from her childhood and came to be well-versed in numerous genres. As early as her high school days, she signed contracts with both Korean and Japanese music agencies and worked as a jazz vocalist. Building on these experiences, she now writes and performs high-quality music which is grounded in world music and psychedelic rock, and ranges from classical to avant-garde, jazz, electronic, trip hop and cabaret music.

First album 곡예 (曲藝) on iTunes
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[live] Yaya (야야 / 夜夜) - Truth at EBS Space 공감

[live] Yaya (야야 / 夜夜) – Truth at EBS Space 공감

Source: theebsspace
[live] Yaya (야야/夜夜) for Naver's On Stage session

[live] Yaya (야야/夜夜) for Naver’s On Stage session

[audio] F.OUND TRACKS VOL.37 compilation album

[audio] F.OUND TRACKS VOL.37 compilation album

Artists: 4WD, YaYa, Hologram Film, Ynot, Romantic Punch, Yozoh, Theatre8, Kwon Milk and the Greatest Voyage Source: Foundation Records
Korean indie/rock releases of the week (08.26-09.01)

Korean indie/rock releases of the week (08.26-09.01)

I think I should bring my apologizes for long silence in posts but till this day I’ve had a hope to start running krockisreal.com site to have more abilities in promoting korean rock music. But I’m still not satisfied with the outcome so… I’m here with the new bunch of releases. And without any hesitation...
[MV] 夜夜 (YAYA) - Ghost (유령_feat. 신윤철)

[MV] 夜夜 (YAYA) – Ghost (유령_feat. 신윤철)

And now here is the music video off the first solo album of YaYa. Really happy to see her back again with recognizable but still unique style. Source: